Innovative Home-made Product Challenge (iPro)

The Innovative Home-made Product Challenge (iPro) is a competition introduced for the first time by MyRIVET to encourage building of innovative and creative solutions that are applicable to the current sophisticated home. It is believed that through this competition, the significance of galvanising the innovations into actions will be highlighted and the participants can maximise their potentials in improving life quality at home, in conjunction with Movement Control Order (MCO) period.


At present, there are several ministries such as Ministry of Human Resources, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change, Ministry Of Water, Land and Natural Resources and Ministry of Defence, that are involved in the development of technical and vocational resources. The development of the resources require coordination and sharing of information from various approaches.

The technical and vocational education and training (TVET) education is of the utmost importance in the development of talent to realise the vision of Malaysia in 2020. In the light of the TVET development, there are 36 polytechnics, 98 community colleges, 80 vocational colleges, 676 Public Accredited Centres and 642 Private Accredited Centres throughout Malaysia.

The development of TVET can also be identified through the offer of technical, vocational and skills streams after the secondary school level and the involvement of Public Accredited Centres and Private Accredited Centres. In addition, a number of private institutions are also offering TVET programs to enhance the access and quality of TVET in Malaysia.

The importance of empowering TVET in Malaysia is translated into the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, Malaysia Education Development Plan 2015-2025 (Higher Education) and RMK-11 Final Review of 2016-2020. It begins with providing awareness, education path and career choice at school level towards increasing the quantity and quality of TVET graduates to meet the industry requirements.

TVET Milestone in Malaysia

MyRIVET Establishment


MyRIVET is a national independent TVET research institute responsible for leading research, consultation and training. As a professional institution, MyRIVET will carry out research activities such as collection, analysis, evaluation and management of data; consultations involving the development of research-based policies along with the dissemination of research findings; and training reinforcement in the field of TVET. These services provide benefits for both government agencies and non-governmental organisations in Malaysia. MyRIVET also functions as a main platform for international networking and collaboration.

Key Research Area


To provide information on TVET as the national research referral center to fulfil the industry requirements and national development